Wet-mixed mortar

Wet-mixed mortar refers to cementing materials, fine aggregates, additives, water and kinds of components determined based on performance. After it is metered and mixed at the mixing station at a certain proportion, it is transported with a mixing transportation vehicle to the service location. It should be stored in a special container.

Autoclaved aerated concrete masonry block

Autoclaved aerated concrete masonry block (AAC self-insulation high-precision masonry block) (execution standard: GB11968-2020)

Ecological permeable materials

As an indispensable new type of pavement material in the construction of "sponge city", ecological permeable materials have attracted much attention in the industry due to their unique characteristics of high water permeability, strong freezing and thawing resistance, high wear resistance and heat dissipation.

Commercial concrete

Chambroad Environmental Protection Material now possesses two automatic concrete production lines, over 50 concrete transportation vehicles, 5 sets of pumping equipment with different models and the annual output of 800.000m3 commercial concrete. The Company also possesses 10 professional technicians.

Autoclaved flyash brick

Flyash, aggregate chips, recycled aggregate, calcium cementing agent

Autoclaved aerated concrete slab (ALC slab)

Quartz sand, cement, lime, water, gas agent, modifier (a different quantity of reinforcing mesh pieces after anti-rust and anti-corr

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