Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials Section In-depth study of corporate culture Publicity and implementation of company corporate culture

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In order to vigorously promote the construction of corporate culture, enable all cadres and employees of the company to understand the core concepts of corporate culture faster and better, and effectively give full play to the "soft power" role of corporate culture in team management, on April 29, the Jingbo environmental protection materials section conducted publicity and implementation of the company's 8854 corporate culture. Cui Dongbo, executive director and general manager of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials, and the senior management team of China participated in the meeting.

At the meeting, Cui Dongbo led everyone to study corporate culture together and strengthen the learning of 8854's corporate culture concept system. In the process, the content of the company's corporate culture was carried out one by one, from point to point, and explained in combination with daily work and life.

Love and dedication stand in their own duties, and have the courage to take positive actions. Only by being practical and dedicated can you dance brilliantly. Based on your job, you must be practical and do your job well; everyone must do a good job in overall management, maintain focus, make a hole in your efforts, and do a good job in the promotion of various projects; strengthen the business risk control team and mechanism Build, refine risk control work, and use process-based and informatization measures to solidify; take the lead in performing your duties, do a good job in checking the signing of contracts by subordinate salespeople, avoid unfavorable terms for the company, and improve the initiative in the follow-up implementation of contracts; compress the main responsibility, fully verify various accounts, deepen normalized operation and control, and make every effort to promote All work has been implemented in detail.

Have the courage to show your sword "and win every" battle ". Focus on the goal, try multiple paths, and" do whatever it takes "to get resources and achievements that are beneficial to the project and the team, and jointly promote the company's business development to a higher level; market personnel must maintain a positive state, unite as one, be motivated, and sprint hard to fully achieve the annual goal.

Growth partner, achieve yourself. We must always adhere to the concept of "taking the customer's heart as the heart", and cooperate with partners to win the future with an open supply cooperative attitude; take mutual benefit and win-win as the principle, establish an appropriate control mechanism, ensure the supply of raw materials, and also do a good job in cooperation. Partner management, promote the continuous growth of partners in a positive way, thereby further improving the company's product strength.

The leaders who attended the study were engrossed and concentrated to comprehend the essence of 8854's corporate culture. Through learning corporate culture, everyone expressed that they should integrate the concept of corporate culture into their future work and make themselves truly a practitioner of corporate culture. In the future, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials will also continue to strengthen the construction of corporate culture and promote the healthy development of enterprises!

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