Safety is the sky, life is more important than Mount Tai - Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials Safety Production Month Launch Ceremony Successfully Held

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June 2022 is the 21st "Safety Production Month". On June 8, the safety month activity with the theme of "Comply with the Safety Production Law and Be the First Responsible Person" of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials was successfully held. Cui Dongbo, Executive Director and General Manager of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials, Sun Xiaoguang, Assistant General Manager, and middle and senior management personnel of the plate attended the meeting.

The meeting kicked off as all the participants recited the family style. At the meeting, all the staff further enhanced their awareness of safety prevention and improved the standardized management level of the production site by watching the safety education warning video "The Price of Negligence". At the meeting, the Ministry of Safety and Environmental Protection Supervision made an analysis report on the investigation of hidden dangers from January to May, and pointed out that effective measures will be taken to eliminate hidden dangers and eliminate hidden dangers in the bud in the future safety production work.

At the launch meeting, Cui Dongbo emphasized that it is necessary to always pay attention to safety production and not relax, and escort safety production as a high-quality development. At the same time, he put forward three requirements:

The management of the company and the heads of various departments must strictly implement the safety production responsibility system. Solidly perform the "one post and two responsibilities", truly enter the front line to investigate hidden dangers, and coordinate and organize various safety activities. "Safety is heaven, life is more important than Mount Tai", so that everyone talks about safety, everyone knows safety, everyone understands safety, and implements safety work;

Implement safety responsibilities and improve the safety awareness of on-site managers. Effectively eliminate potential safety hazards at every location on site in the process of safety management. At the same time, carry out emergency drills, safety production inspections and other activities to improve employees' safety awareness and self-rescue and mutual rescue capabilities, and comprehensively eliminate hidden dangers of accidents;

Third, keep safety in mind. Resolutely fight against the three major safety enemies of "violation, paralysis, and irresponsibility", "always have a sense of responsibility, and always do the responsible thing" to be an understanding person in production safety, earnestly abide by rules and regulations, strictly implement operating procedures, strengthen safety supervision, do not miss any details and trivial matters, and use our serious sense of responsibility in exchange for continuous safety and accident-free.

After the meeting, all the participants signed the banner with the theme of "abide by the safety production law and be the first responsible person", and carried out a safety and environmental protection inspection according to the group.

Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials will take this event as an opportunity to thoroughly implement the safety concept of "safety is heaven, life is more important than Mount Tai", implement the requirements of "three pipes and three must", and be responsible for the enterprise, the society, and themselves and their families. Responsible for the mission, implement safety responsibilities, build a strong safety barrier, and promote the safe development of the company!


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