"Responsible Jingbo" focuses on the number and quality needs of customers, and the front-end service is efficiently output - Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials Commercial Concrete Intelligent Management System is upgraded again

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In order to meet the needs of customers for the quality traceability of concrete products, real-time monitoring of the transportation process, and efficient service of the whole process, break through the bottleneck of the low level of digitalization in the industry, and improve the company's quality management level and operation service efficiency. In 2021, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials launched the digital construction project of commercial concrete, and successfully completed the construction and operation of the first phase of the commercial concrete intelligent management system in August of the same year, realizing the internal control operation quality management centered on quality traceability, cost analysis, and efficiency risk control.

With the in-depth development of the company's digital transformation, in order to further meet customer needs, improve operational efficiency and service levels, the commercial concrete intelligent management system has been upgraded again, and the vehicle management function centered on the safety of tank truck transportation materials has been realized in January 2022. In early April 2022, the upgrade of order traceability and abnormal classification management and control functions centered on the efficient response of the client side was completed.

After the upgrade, the commercial concrete intelligent management system can realize order entry tracking, real-time monitoring of the transportation process, and efficient response to delivery abnormal warning, ensuring operation quality and abnormal disposal efficiency. The development of mobile clients meets the needs of customers to control the progress, quantity and quality of projects in real time, and comprehensively improves the company's service level and customer satisfaction.

The digital project of Commercial Concrete is a successful attempt of the digital transformation of Jingbo environmental protection materials. In the future, Jingbo environmental protection materials will continue to focus on customer needs, expand the business scope of the digital system, and provide customers with worry-free and assured full-process value services efficiently!

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