"In the name of flowers, present gifts for love" - the Mother's Day theme activity of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials Section was successfully carried out

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The sun is just right, and the breeze is not dry. From May 8th to 9th, the Mother's Day theme activity of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials "Giving gifts for love in the name of flowers" was successfully carried out. The activity aims to advocate the Jingbo family style of "filial piety comes first", create a positive and progressive atmosphere, and promote the company to form a positive and harmonious corporate culture.

On May 8th, the company specially organized vegetable bouquet DIY and group fan DIY handicraft activities, so that everyone could pass on true holiday blessings to their mothers in other ways. At the same time, guide everyone to love life, cultivate sentiment, and create a strong atmosphere for the construction of family spiritual civilization.

On May 9, some managers of the company paid holiday visits and condolences to the mothers of the senior management team. While sending holiday blessings, they thanked them for their hard work and their understanding and support to their families.

This visit shortened the distance between employees' families and the company, carried forward the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation of filial piety to parents and cherishing family affection, and took this as an opportunity to further enhance the centripetal force and cohesion of the company.

This event truly reflects the corporate culture concept of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials "with the heart of employees", so that all "mothers" can feel the care and care from the organization on this special day, and at the same time, they can build a good corporate culture and create a warm and harmonious working atmosphere.

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