The Spring Fun Games of the Environmental Protection Materials Section and the Fun Activities of "Charming Women, Happy Women" were successfully completed

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In order to welcome the arrival of the March 8th Muse Festival and enrich the spare time life of the company's employees, on March 5th, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials organized the Spring Fun Games of the Environmental Protection Materials Section and the fun activity of "Charming Women, Happy Women" to show the spirit of the company's employees and create a healthy, upward, united and harmonious working atmosphere.

Before the competition, Cui Dongbo, executive director and general manager of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials, extended holiday greetings and best wishes to all female employees! I hope everyone will be restless in the sunny festival, show their style and show their style.

In order to enhance the fun and interaction of sports, and at the same time reflect the competitiveness of the competition, the Games carefully set up 4 team events such as tug-of-war, rolling wheels, and 2 individual events such as shaking table tennis. At the scene, everyone was full of interest, and applause and cheers came one after another, enjoying the joy brought by sports to the fullest.

The tug-of-war competition is the highlight of the Games. When the whistle of the competition sounded, I saw the participating team members clutching the long rope and pulling back desperately. The employees who did not participate also spontaneously formed a cheerleading team to cheer for the competition team members, and the shouts came one after another. The fierce competition on the scene pushed the whole event to a climax!

This sports meeting has high fighting spirit, unity and cooperation, stimulated the potential of sports, and fully demonstrated the team spirit and enterprising consciousness of employees in the environmental protection materials sector. A little rain and many flowers are new, and a thunderbolt begins. All employees of the company will meet new challenges on the way forward with a new look and full enthusiasm in this season of recovery and spring, and strive for the future of Jingbo environmental protection materials!

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