"Ping An Jingbo" tightens the strings of safe production - Jingbo environmental protection materials "The first lesson of resumption of work after the holiday" conference was successfully carried out

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In order to improve employees' awareness of safety precautions and implement corporate safety production responsibilities, on February 7, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials organized a meeting on safety production "the first lesson of resumption of work after the holiday" based on the basic situation of the company's resumption of work and production after the Spring Festival. Cui Dongbo, executive director and general manager of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials, presided over the lecture, and the core management staff of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials participated in the study.

The "first lesson" focuses on the strengthening of safety awareness, safety education and training for resumption of work, and the performance of post rights and responsibilities. It expounds in detail the outstanding problems and control links in safety production work, safety management responsibilities and institutional norms, special hazardous operations, occupational health, epidemic prevention and control work, etc. During the process, the leading role of the company's core management was emphasized, and it was advocated to adjust the working status in a timely manner around the group's guidance requirements, implement the participation of all employees, and do a good job in risk research and judgment and implementation of control measures to ensure the safe and rapid return to normal working conditions.

Subsequently, the company's leaders signed the "2022 Safety Responsibility Letter" with various departments, clarifying goals, compacting responsibilities, focusing on key links, and solidly promoting key safety management tasks. With the rapid development of the company, in order to meet various challenges with a good state of health, all senior executives voluntarily signed the "Health Responsibility Letter" to take responsibility and determination to achieve health goals.

Gather security forces and build a safety defense line together. In order to achieve the safety goal of "two zeros occur and five 100%" throughout the year, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials will continue to work together, do a good job in safety production management, strictly control the "safety level" of resumption of work and production, and continuously improve the comprehensive level of safety production, laying a solid foundation for the company's long-term development!

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