Show style, show skills, learn from each other, and promote improvement - Jingbo Environmental Protection Material Analysis and Testing Center Skill Competition Successfully Completed

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Practice the theory of sublimation, and theory guides practice. In order to implement the quality management requirements, improve the overall operation level of the company, effectively improve the dual-based skills of employees, build a platform for employee skills display, and form a good atmosphere of "compare, learn, catch up, help, and surpass", on January 17, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials Analysis and Testing Center "Increase water and reduce water, and it will come naturally" The skill competition was successfully carried out in the company.

Skilled practical skills are based on solid theoretical foundation. This skill competition focuses on first-line dual-based skills, and the reinforcement learning effect is achieved through professional theoretical examinations such as cement mortar water reduction rate steps and raw material deduction ton standards; on the actual operation site, the family strives for excellence, uses admixtures correctly and reasonably in concrete, strictly controls the water reduction rate of water reducing agents, standardizes the operating procedures of instruments, and helps to further improve skills. The on-site participation atmosphere is high, the competition is extremely fierce, the score rises alternately, the professional skills are incisive, and the score is constantly rewritten.

Strategies, steady and steady. In this event, the analysis and testing center actively organized, and the employees participated passionately. Through practical combat, the family members really grew in theoretical knowledge and practical operation, and effectively improved their theoretical level and professional knowledge.

Learn from each other, communicate with each other, and grow together. In the future, the analysis and testing center will continue to go all out, do the best in the best, promote learning and practice through competition, improve its own cohesion, solid basic skills, keep the door of raw material quality, and ensure the quality of the company's products. Contribute to the company's cultivation of knowledge-based, skilled, innovative, high-quality, high-skilled and technical personnel!

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