Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials 2021 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference was grandly held

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On January 15, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials 2021 Annual Work Summary and Commendation Conference was grandly held. Cui Dongbo, Executive Director and General Manager of Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials, Sun Xiaoguang, Assistant General Manager, and more than 150 people in charge of various departments and employee representatives attended the meeting. At the meeting, Ma Xingong, Senior Inspector of the Supervision and Integrity Office of Jingbo Holding Group, was invited to preach a culture of integrity and build a solid foundation of integrity. The meeting was presided over by Sun Xiaoguang, Assistant General Manager.

The meeting commended 54 outstanding individuals and 6 advanced team awards, called on and mobilized all employees to carry out various tasks solidly and effectively, and made greater contributions to the company's leap-forward development in the new year.

At the meeting, the mid-to-senior personnel who will be promoted to team leaders, department heads and join Jingbo's environmental protection material system in 2021 will be awarded books, and efforts will be made to cultivate a team that can resonate with the company at the same frequency, be in line with the times, and be in line with the company's new ideas. A new era team with extensive knowledge and cultivation. Subsequently, the new managers took the oath. At the beginning of performing their duties, they swore promises in the form of solemn oaths, which is conducive to creating a positive and motivated atmosphere, clean atmosphere and diligent work.

Clean government, deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, lead by example, and strive to be an example. At the meeting, Ma Xingong publicized and implemented from the general situation of Jingbo Holding Group's clean government construction, learning corruptive practices theory and clean government system to prevent risks, and clean government warning cases, etc., which enhanced everyone's awareness of Jingbo's clean government culture construction. All employees said that they will always keep in mind the important instructions of Ma Yunsheng, chairperson of the board of directors, on "dare not rot, do not rot, do not want to rot", practice Jingbo culture, take the "Jingbo Business Code of Conduct" as the criterion, and create a "more for the company to send benefits, do not leave space for silverfish" business management atmosphere, strictly abide by the professional bottom line, adhere to the integrity of the profession, do a good job in the construction of "integrity, gathering popularity, and strength", and jointly create a clean and honest atmosphere of the company.

At the meeting, Cui Dongbo expressed his gratitude to Ma Xingong for publicizing the clean government culture. He emphasized that the clean government culture advocated by Jingbo Holding Group is a high-voltage line, a red line, and an untouchable bottom line. Everyone must consciously restrain themselves and always alert themselves., tighten the "high-voltage line" of the clean government, and build a "firewall" of the clean government.

Subsequently, Cui Dongbo congratulated those who were honored in 2021, and made the following summary with "Three Days and the Future" under the theme of "Taking Dreams as Horses to Live Up to Time":

Looking back on yesterday, don't be arrogant or impatient. Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials has nearly quadrupled its sales since 2018 to 2021, its performance has grown steadily, and its profitability has continued to improve. The achievement benefited from the strong support of Jingbo Holding Group, thanks to the concerted efforts of the team. I hope everyone will cooperate as a team, create a good atmosphere, and work hard to create better performance, a better platform, and a more relaxed working atmosphere; everyone must be loyal to the platform, the team, shareholders, maintain the interests of the team, and spread positive energy; we must have sufficient confidence in ourselves, be good at discovering the shining points in ourselves, improve self-determination, believe in the power of belief, and believe in the team., believe in our platform, do your best to pursue and realize your own value; be kind to others, do good deeds and accumulate virtue, and transmit positive energy in a way Build a great team!

Based on today, grasp the present. The key to the company's transformation and upgrading is to gather talents. In the future, the company will continue to build a high-quality talent team on the road of high-quality development, and provide strong talent guarantee and intellectual support for the company's leap-forward development.

Looking forward to tomorrow, move forward bravely. We must closely focus on the general tone of Jingbo's development to lay out the company's Strategy and Development Plan, clarify goals, unify concepts, unify thinking, seek progress while maintaining stability, integrate and transform, and concentrate on promoting the company's development to a higher level; build a good management team, with a high starting point, strict assessment, promotion, and continuous promotion of various tasks to a new level; do a good job in enterprise management, meet the needs of customers, employees, and shareholders in different dimensions, and meet the needs of the group for us; study management behavior, restrain personnel behavior, build a good risk system, and do a good job in clean government construction.

Looking forward to the future, forge ahead. Taking dreams as horses and living up to their youth, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials will also forge ahead and create greater brilliance under the leadership of the board of directors and chairperson, and under the leadership of the company's positive energy team, and strive to achieve 120 billion business goals at the end of the 14th Five-Year Plan.


Join hands and set sail again. In 2022, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials will have the same desire and make a hole. On the road of pioneering, it will achieve "a new starting point, a new leap, and a new development" to help the company develop a new journey of high-quality development!

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