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"Scientific and Technological Innovation, Breakthrough and Transcendence" The 16th Ecological Environment Building Materials Industry Development Forum and the 9th National Health Functional Wall Materials Industry Development Seminar in 2021 was held in Guangzhou from November 26th to 27th. Shandong Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials Co., Ltd. was invited to participate, and made a special report on "Application Technology of a Revolutionary Functional Inorganic Material in Air Purification, VOC Treatment and Other Fields" at the conference, which was unanimously recognized and praised by experts and participating companies of the association.

The development forum was attended by more than 100 people from China National Institute of Building Materials Science and Research, China Building Materials Federation Ecological Environment Building Materials Branch, ecological building materials experts and scholars, and enterprise representatives. The current situation and trends of the development of the healthy wall material industry, and the promotion and display of new products, new equipment and new technologies, in order to effectively promote the industry into the fast lane of healthy development.

Since its first discovery in 1967, photocatalytic technology has been recognized by the world as the cleanest and most thorough environmental protection technology, and it is an effective technology and means for human beings to relieve environmental pollution problems. Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials has been independently researched and developed for 5 years, and has taken the lead in breaking through the technical bottleneck of industrialized mass production of graphite-like modified carbon nitride photocatalysts. It provides photocatalytic technology solutions and product application solutions for partners from all walks of life. At present, it has carried out joint financial cooperation with partners in the fields of coatings, agriculture, antibacterial and bactericidal materials, etc., and has been recognized by customers and empowered to add value to cooperative products.

In the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan", crises and challenges in the home improvement industry coexisted. Carbon nitride photocatalyst, as a breakthrough material in the application field of a new generation of photocatalysis, combines various substrates in the form of catalysts, and is widely used in coatings, air purification, Antibacterial/antiviral materials, agricultural sectors, industrial VOC treatment, sewage treatment and other fields, give full play to the value of 1 + 1 > 2, and rapidly promote green development.

Use new concepts to promote healthy development and enter branding with new measures. Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials continues to deeply cultivate the field of photocatalysis, build an industry-leading industrial innovation platform, and gather various scientific research institutes, universities, and photocatalyst applications in the photocatalytic industry. Partners, mutual benefit and win-win, deep integration, jointly drive photocatalytic technology to solve N industrial pain points, and promote the healthy development of the photocatalytic industry; through resource integration, extend the photocatalyst industry chain; cultivate photocatalyst industry-university-research application talents, and contribute to the photocatalytic industry in China. Jingbo strength.

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