Jingbo environmental protection materials high-tech enterprise certification passed

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With innovation as the engine, the road to high achievement, and scientific research as the main force, a new system of production, education and research has been created. On November 27, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials successfully passed the certification of high-tech enterprises. Unswervingly let innovation drive development, and strive to build a virtuous circle of scientific research boosting operation.

Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials is rooted in the field of green building materials. It adheres to the original intention of environmental protection and safety. Through continuous innovation and upgrading, it actively explores a new model of mutual benefit and deep integration. Attach importance to resource integration, be the most solid supporter of alliance and integration, and be the most inclusive "growth base" for colleges and universities across the country. Take advantage of the school platform to recruit outstanding talents, strengthen scientific research, improve products, and provide services, deeply stimulate the momentum of enterprise innovation, and help high-quality economic development.

With the purpose of transforming scientific research achievements, focus on the formulation and implementation of the R & D management system, build intellectual property barriers, make a big move towards a new development situation from technical blood transfusion to innovative hematopoiesis, accumulate strength, gather high-quality scientific and technological innovation resources, pay attention to the growth of talents, and "a hundred flowers bloom" Release the vitality of innovation, and "each has its own advantages" to activate the kinetic energy of talents.

Harmony and difference, tolerance is great, let innovation drive become the engine of enterprise development, and let the transformation of scientific and technological achievements promote economic development. At the moment of the new situation and new direction, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials has always taken social responsibility as the foundation of development, insisted on putting innovation and technological transformation first, and unswervingly became the promoter of high-quality development.

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