Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials won the honor of "High-quality Development Demonstration Enterprise in China's Concrete Industry"

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Recently, the Concrete Branch of China Construction Industry Association conducted the selection activity of "Demonstration Enterprise for High-Quality Development of China's Concrete Industry". Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials has thoroughly implemented the development concept of "innovative, coordinated, green, open and shared" in the concrete industry, and is committed to the improvement of concrete quality. It was awarded the title of "Demonstration Enterprise for Quality Development of China's Concrete Industry".

Seize development opportunities and strive to seize the high ground of quality. Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials optimizes and upgrades from four perspectives: "Corporate Culture and Basic Conditions", "Green Production", "Technology and Quality Management", and "Facility Management and Environmental Protection". Work together, brainstorm, upgrade from the inside out, and optimize from the top down, striving to have a wider and wider road to high-quality development.

During the same period, at the Binzhou City Quality Improvement Achievement Review Meeting, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials' improvement achievement "Mixed Whole Process Quality Management Traceability System" won the first prize of Binzhou City Quality Improvement Achievement, "Using Pipe Pile Residual Slurry to Make Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Slabs" and other 2 projects won the second prize, and 2 projects including "Improvement of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete Steamer Wastewater Recycling System" won the third prize.

Recognition is to store energy for development, awards are to help improve, Jingbo environmental protection materials promote transformation with quality improvement, combine internal and external, take a two-pronged approach, take into account lean production improvement, strengthen quality risk and hidden danger investigation, combine industry resources, strengthen technical exchanges, and jointly promote the cause of high-quality development. Taking affirmation as an opportunity, relying on the east wind of industry reform, consolidate the quality foundation, promote quality reform, seek progress while maintaining stability, and help the company develop with high quality.

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