Jingbo environmental protection materials were approved by Binzhou "one enterprise, one technology" R & D center enterprise

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We vigorously promote independent research and development and integrate resources to promote scientific and technological innovation. On September 27, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials received a notice from the Binzhou Bureau of Industry and Information Technology. Our company was listed on the list of "one enterprise and one technology" R & D centers in Binzhou City in 2021, becoming the only enterprise in Boxing County to be approved as a "one enterprise and one technology" R & D center in Binzhou City this year.

After unremitting exploration and improvement, through multiple attempts and innovations, they complement each other and take multiple measures. Up to now, a total of 26 patents have been applied for, including 6 authorized invention patents and 7 authorized new models. Ignite the driving force of talent production, introduce 16 Shuobo talents, further strengthen the construction of enterprise R & D institutions, strengthen the main position of enterprise technological innovation, and establish a perfect innovation system for enterprises.

Today, Jingbo environmental protection materials are based on educating talents and attracting wisdom, drive development with innovation, and seek transformation and upgrading with independent research and development; in the future, Jingbo environmental protection materials will become a collection of technology research and development, materials Supply, scheme design and optimization, construction management as one of the high-tech enterprises.

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