Improve system construction and improve management level - Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials obtained the three-system certification

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People-oriented, quality-based, environmental protection is life, and the road of enterprise development can be stable and far-reaching. A high-quality product can speak for itself and can speak for itself, which is the most powerful display of enterprise brand perception. Quality is reflected in all aspects, not only product quality, but also control and management in the process of product production and output. Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials, as an environmentally friendly enterprise with comprehensive utilization of resources as the core, is well aware of the meaning of environmental protection and always adheres to the development path of scientific and technological environmental protection.

In order to better standardize the company's system construction and management of quality, environment, occupational health and safety, the expert audit team of the joint stock company of China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Group was invited to carry out the three-system certification work. Through a 5-day on-site exchange, data review, and record inspection, the quality, environment, and occupational health and safety management were reviewed. The experts fully affirmed the company's work in these three aspects, and also put forward valuable guidance. And on September 11, the three-system certification certificate of Jingbo environmental protection material quality management, environmental management, and occupational health and safety management was officially issued.

The acquisition of this certificate provides strong support for the company to expand the domestic market and develop overseas markets. It is another progress of the company's management system to continuously optimize and improve itself. Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials will continue to improve system management and continuously and steadily export high-quality products to the society.

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