The Great Wall of Quality will never fall, what do you rely on?

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Quality is the foundation of an enterprise's survival and development. Quality not only refers to the quality of the product itself, but also the supervision and control of the whole process of changing the product from raw materials to finished products. In September 2019, in order to improve the quality awareness of all employees, improve and improve the quality of the company's products, and respond to the requirements of the National Quality Month Action, Jingbo Environmental Protection Materials specially launched a series of quality month activities with the theme of "Consolidate the foundation of quality, strengthen quality management, and create quality in China".

At the Quality Month Launching Conference, the family members signed their names on the quality publicity banner, and started the entire Quality Month activity. During the event, company-level and team-level quality Security Training was carried out successively; Mr. Jia Xiujuan from Jingbo Business School was specially invited to the company for quality management knowledge training; publicly collected quality golden ideas for various departments and positions; daily release of quality tips and other activities.

Through the activities of the entire Quality Month, we will further create a quality awareness of "quality is produced, not tested" in the minds of employees, and strictly implement the principle of "not accepting substandard products, not producing substandard products, and not letting go of substandard products". Improve the standardized operation ability and quality awareness of all employees, and form a good atmosphere in which all employees participate in quality management and everyone is responsible for quality problems.

The Great Wall of Quality will never fall, rely on what? rely on you? rely on me?

Quality is not a matter of a person, a department, or a node. The negligence of any one person, the inadequate supervision of any department, and the relaxation of vigilance of any node will bring about quality problems. Quality is everywhere and always present. Only by keeping quality and protecting quality from time to time can we build a great wall of quality together, and only then can the enterprise have a solid foundation and stand firm.

The Great Wall of Quality will never fall, what do you rely on? Rely on all staff! Rely on the whole department! Rely on the whole process!


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